Core Competences of Mine Surveying

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Mine Surveying is a mining specific subject witch focuses on life of a mineral extraction and furthermore on time beyond acitve mining.

As a base for the facing tasks as planning, monitoring and its documentation for mining and tasks beyond the traditional sector as geotecnical consulting and underground planning, 5 basic core competences can be defined.

These core competences are not to be used isolated, but merged in a useful way for the ongoing tasks.


Mining Subsidence Engineering

Prediction and measurement of mining induced damages, reduction of mining induced damages during mine planning and analysis and prediction of impacts of old mining activities belong to the main tasks of the discipline Mining Subsidence Engineering. These subjects are covered by the research activities of the institute.


Spatial Data Management and Mapping

The competence of Spatial Data Management and Mapping is a focus of the Institute of Mine Surveying at the RWTH Aachen. This competence consists of collecting, processing, storing and analysing of spatial Information and its visualisation by cartographic illustrations. These informations are used to orientate, navigate, inform, document and to plan.


Surveying / Measurement

Surveying of the deposit as well as the indication of planned mine openings or roadways in open pits belong to the main tasks of the core competence surveying. Another part of this core competence is survey to monitor and evidence protection and the indication of ground movements in the underground or on surface.


Deposit Processing

Deposit Processing includes the exploration, evaluation and determination of the reserves of a deposit. Deposit processing is used to support a mining plan in regard to use the reserves optimal, as well.


Approval Procedures

Approval Procedures are precondition to explore and extract mineral resources. They are basis for the acquisition of a mining permit and land property. The Federal Mining Act covers the mining activities from the exploration of the deposit to the rehabilitation of land which was affected by mining. Aim of this law is the regulation of winning ram materials with a view to the protection of the deposit.