Quantifizierung und Optimierung grubenwasserniveaubezogener Kosten im nachbergbaulichen Ruhrrevier

  • Quantification and optimization of mine water level associated cost in the post mining Ruhr-District

Papst, Tobias; Preuße, Axel (Thesis advisor); Sroka, Anton (Thesis advisor); Martens, Per Nicolai (Thesis advisor)

Berlin : Logos-Verl. (2015, 2016)
Book, Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Zugl.: Aachen, Techn. Hochsch., Diss., 2015


The end of hard coal mining in the German Ruhr-District in 2018 will change the nature of the mining industry’s tasks. Even after the shutdown of the mines, the mining industry will continue to effect the region. Different measures of aftercare will have to be performed for a not foreseeable amount of time. Part of those measures is the pit dewatering, the cost of which largely depends on the level of mine water. Rising mine water can trigger different processes that potentially also lead to cost. In this work, all potentially triggered processes are identified, described and then examined in regard to their dependence on the level of mine water. The cost of the dependent processes is quantified and merged into a consolidated optimization model. This model may be used to determine the mine water level with the minimal cost overall.


  • Institute for Mine Surveying, Mining Subsidence Engineering, and Geophysics in Mining [514110]
  • Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering [510000]